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Philippe Langevin, Arborist tree climber 

635, Rue Leslie

Sherbrooke, Qc, J1H 5P5


Vincent Jolin, Arborist tree climber


Philippe Langevin, bacher in Plein Air and  adventure tourisme with a spécialisation in rock climbing, Philippe brings a new and inovative aproche to tree climbing and maintenence. Tree owners have had the plesure of Philippe's services for the past five years as howner of Arbologe  Both pasionate arborists and tree climbers,  joining forces with Vincent Jolin has created an unparalled    sorce of knolage and experience at your disposal. 

Vincent Jolin, certified arborist since 2000 and competitive tree climber, having arrived in second place at the Québec tree climbing championship in both 2011 and 2012, Vincent is at his best when swingging from tree tops. In January 2013 Vincent had the plesure of taking part in an expedition (Explore the ancient trees of Africa) to climb mesure and protect some of the world most remarkeble trees.  Constently hownig his skils with his extensive work for the city of Montréal and over 10 years of experience managing his tree care company Arbo Vie, your trees are sure to get the treatment they need and deserve.