The good 

The Bad and The Ugly 

Tree topping and Lion tailing 

These pruning methodes or styes have been discredited for many years, they significantly decrese a trees life expectancy and destroys there natural and Ideal structure. This pruning methode will often cause a tree to send out suckers that grow very rapidly and have a week attachment point. 

Flush cuts, stub cuts, and pruning with spikes

Injuries that slow down compartmentalization, a trees natural healling system. These open wounds make a tree more vulnerable to insects and diseases. A tell tail sign that you have not hired the right guy for the job is if he prunes your trees with spicks!

Tree wound dressings

There are many diffrent products on the market that claim to help protect tree wounds and pruning cuts. The sad reality is that most of these products will trap moisture inside a tree and create a more favorable environment for the development of fungi. 

Low static cables

Outdated for the most part, this intrusive (requiers driling) cabeling technic dose not allow for the creation of reaction wood. Reaction wood is what allows a tree to support itself and withstand the stresses caused by wind, rain and snow. Instaling a low static cable in a tree with